Housekeeping in Dubai on Winter Season

Since winter is approaching, you’re well on the way to remain home as it is cold outside. Take this time at home to do some winter cleaning to continue everything, to make your home warm and comfortable on this wintry season in UAE.

Below are the housekeeping service we are providing at the home that can accompany you throughout your winter days. We are one of the best cleaning company in Dubai, UAE

Deal with your wash room.

This includes taking a gander at the lapse dates on every one of the things you have in your storeroom. Discard whatever has terminated and keep those that are still great to utilize. This arranges for space and in the meantime tells you what you have to recharge.

Experience your garments.

Sort out your storage room in a manner that winter garments are effectively open. Pack away those that are not climate fitting for the interim. Combine gloves and socks so that every match is anything so it will not be difficult to discover and discard those that have lost their accomplices. Retouch and wash things if necessary.

Making footwear clean

Clean your shoes consistently particularly on the off chance that you have utilized them outside. Shower them with protectant to shield them from the climate. Take those that need patching to the repair shop.

Vacuum covers much of the time.

You should give careful consideration to your rugs this season as your family or your guests can track in mud, water, slush and other winter flotsam and jetsam inside. Put an appreciated tangle outside passageway ways to deal of this garbage. Take after a standard vacuuming timetable to lessen the measure of soil gathered on your cover. It is additionally a smart thought to get your rugs steam cleaned from time to time, which will give them a profound clean and expel any stains or spots. You can contract a machine to do this without anyone’s help, or contract a cover cleaning proficient to do it for you!

Focus on your floors.

A similar level of consideration must be given to your floors. Wipe them consistently to keep them spotless and dry particularly those in high activity ranges and at your portals. To keep them clean more, take your shoes off when inside the house.

Tidy Up the Dust                                                                                                       
Heating systems help circulate dust, dirt and germs so it’s advisable to dust more often. Wipe down surfaces with disinfecting solution to remove germs that cause sickness. On the off chance that you require help cleaning and keeping up your home, it is necessary that you can find a trusted cleaning company in Dubai in which you can depend at any point of time.

In MaidCo. Your security and true serenity are our need so you can expect proficient results. We carefully screen meeting and trial the greater part of our cleaning staff before they start any work, so you can make sure that they are timely, exhaustive and productive.

We consider client administration and bolster important. That is the reason you have a solitary purpose of contact to co-ordinate your cleaning company for you. We additionally give low maintenance cleaning administrations and hourly cleaning administrations in Dubai. One call to us and we can upgrade your record, change your administration or deal with any worries you may have. “One call, Cleans it all.”


Eid Al Adha – MaidCo

Your Maidco Team

If you need help cleaning and maintaining your home, it is important you can rely on the company hired to provide the services. Here at MaidCo. your security and peace of mind are our priority so you can expect professional results. We carefully screen, interview and trial all of our cleaning staff before they begin any work, so you can be sure that they are punctual, thorough and efficient. We take customer service and support seriously. That’s why you have a single point of contact to co-ordinate your cleaning service for you.we also provides part time cleaning services and hourly cleaning services in Dubai.One call to us and we can update your account, change your service or sort out any concerns you may have. “One call, Cleans it all.”

house cleaning services in Dubai

House Cleaning Services in Dubai for Eid Holidays

Ramadan is a very significant time of the year. In this sacred month, most of all Muslims are fasting and many preparations are required which includes arrangements, decorations, paintings, and deep cleaning of the homes. Work schedules are shortened and eating routine is changed, so house cleaning services in Dubai are highly required during this holy month.

During Ramadan, Muslim families have one area of great significance called Majlis. Guests are seated in the Majlis while food is served to them during Iftar or Imsak. Majlis has to be cleaned thoroughly before the start of Ramadan. While exercising emotions and attitude during this holy month, it also teaches in maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Muslim families also exert great efforts in preparation for the big event, Eid al Fitr. Determining that Ramadan has come to an end and are looking forward for the Eid holidays, to spend quality time with our families and relatives by means of sharing traditional meals and giving ‘’hadiyas’’ in a way to show festive community spirit.  In this kind of occasion, home cleaning are becoming tougher, but this should not keep us from enjoying the holidays.

Maidco is a top company providing quality services for housekeeping in Dubai for this kind of occasion, and offers a wide range of services to our customers, when you are seeking a trusted cleaning service in UAE for your home.

If you are in search of full time maid or part time maid, we are here to help you. In our services for housekeeping Dubai, we offer kitchen cleaning, bedroom and bathroom cleaning, window cleaning with our trained staffs.

We train each of our maids before sending them to you. Every cleaning staffs are screened, interviewed and analyzed before hiring them to our company. They deliver results by quality, trust, professionalism and attentiveness. Therefore you can trust them. Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. You can hire maids on every week, on every alternate week or once in a month as you feel suitable.

Maidco Cleaning offers the following services:

  • Housekeeping
  • Office Cleaning
  • Baby Sitting
  • Party Help
  • Elderly Care



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