Tips to choose a cleaning company in Dubai

There’s no place like home. Part of our daily life routine is making our home as clean as possible, regardless of what we do or how many family members we have.  Sometimes we also require assistance in taking care of our elders or children especially if both parents are working.

After a tough day at work, we are often too tired to do these usual house chores and choose to hire a cleaning service or people who will take care of our love ones, but you have doubts for its safety and trust. You end up searching for reliable, safe and trusted cleaning services in different cleaning companies in Dubai but you are hesitant which company does it all.

These things will help you decide which cleaning company in Dubai just right for you.

  • Check the company’s experience and what services they are providing. It is necessary to know how many years they are doing the services and if they can fully manage and respond to cleaning issues immediately.
  • Professional credentials are very vital to know how credible, trustworthy and efficient they are in services such as housekeeping, office cleaning, daily maid services, maid service, elderly care and child care in Dubai. Taking extra precautions are always recommended to avoid unwanted things that might happen in the future.
  • Ask for company’s references. Quality cleaning companies in Dubai are happy to provide you these details and you can check with them how satisfied and comfortable they are for the services provided to them.
  • Always ask for a quote and check if these prices are compliance to standard rates.
  • If you have decided already to have their services, you must always check the contract they asked you to sign if there are any given time frame like over a year or 2nd half as you need alternative ways if you are unhappy and unsatisfied with their services.


MaidCo prioritizes the customer’s peace of mind and security for you to have a professional result.  We carefully interview, screen and try out all our staff at the very beginning of any work so you can have an assurance that they are very thorough, punctual and efficient. We give support and customer assistance efficiently to sort out any service issues you may have. We provide babysitting, elderly care, housekeeping services, office cleaning, maid services and part time cleaning services as well.

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